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LSPD Applications (Apps OPEN!)

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LSPD Applications (Apps OPEN!) Empty LSPD Applications (Apps OPEN!)

Post by [Crazy]Mr.Joshen on Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:24 pm

*As you walk past the LSPD you notice a sign that says: Please enter today for a app to be in the LSPD!!*

*You decide to enter*
*As you enter you are greeted by an authoritised voice as you take your seat in the waiting area*

Hello Citizens,

I know why you are all here. You wish to become a member of the LSPD. Well, who doesn’t? The LSPD is a great honor to be a part of. We bring justice to the city, and keep dirty street rats put away.

Now, before we begin with the initial test, you must first meet these requirements:

A. No convictions of criminal charge prior to this engagement
B. You must swear that you are not a member of any gang / affiliate to a gang
C. You must be of age 20 or older ((just a little add-on.. doesn’t matter))
D. You must have at least a high school degree
E. You must obey everything the Chief and your higher ranked members tell you.

If you can fit with these requirements then you may stay. If not, please leave the room.

*You either Leave the room or stay*
*Two people leave the room and walk collected and quietly.*

So, you decided to stay? Great! We will now begin the application process.

Here is your app, please fill it out and hand it in when you’re done.

What is your name?

What is your country of origin?

Do you have a valid passport?

What licenses do you have? (Please mark the according)
A. Driving
B. Pilot (Flying)
C. Fishing
D. Sailing
E. Volunteer PD License
What qualities do you have that the others around you do not?

What do you think makes you a eligible to become a LSPD member?

Why do you want to become a LSPD member?

Do you understand that becoming an LSPD member also enrolls you in SWAT, and that you must go through intense training of at least 10 hours to become a LSPD member? (( maybe not 10 hours.. just as long as your instructor makes it last.))

((OOC Requirements:

How old are you? (Be honest… doesn’t make a difference)
How long have you been playing this server?
What is your in game level?
What kind of person are you?
Do you have Ventrillo/a working Mic.?))

You MUST Sign this to be able to qualify for the position of LSPD Cadet:

I (Your name here) hereby sign over my rights as a citizen of Los Santos to the Los Santos Police Department sector 206, to become a LSPD Cadet member and rise throughout the ranks as necessary. I give the LSPD all due permission to put me through intense training as required by section 36 of the LSPD handbook for new members.

And With that, We must part. Please leave your Applications in the Drop Box Before you leave. Good Luck!

*Chief Joshen Exits the room*

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