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Joining The LSPD

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Joining The LSPD Empty Joining The LSPD

Post by [Crazy]Mr.Joshen on Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:39 pm

Joining The LSPD 2qdoc510

Welcome from Chief Joshen

Hello everyone,

Thank you for showing interest in the SAPD. Joining the LSPD is a challenging process where only the best applicants are selected. The position is one of responsibility and trust and only those who can show those qualities in their application are selected to move on to become Cadets.

- Top RP.
- Level 2 IG.
- No long history of rule breaking or bans.
- No Alts in any other faction.

Making an Application

When you've met the requirements and feel ready to apply to the SAPD City Patrol unit, create a thread in this section using the application form (Link). Title the thread (Your Name)'s Application (Today's Date). Good Luck!

After Making an Application

You will get a response shortly. Responses include Denial, Further Questions, Clarifications, and an Interview Invite. Please reply quickly.

Contacting the Director

If you want to contact me (Kevin Joshen), shoot me a PM.

Your Application Missing?
It means you were denied. If you were accepted the application would stick around.
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