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LSPD Fines And Prices

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LSPD Fines And Prices Empty LSPD Fines And Prices

Post by [Crazy]Mr.Joshen on Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:30 pm

These offenses and amounts are copied from the real-world bond schedule for South Carolina.

San Andreas Traffic Violations and Fines

Illegal Transportation of Alcohol $262.50
Failure to Stop for Blue Light Arrest
Possession/Use of Flashing Lights $155.00
Defective Brakes $155.00
No Brake lights $155.00
Disobedience to Authorized Persons Directing Traffic $155.00
Disorderly Conduct $257.50
Disregard Traffic Signal $155.00
Door Opening into Traffic Flow $155.00
Altered Driver's License (Fake ID) $232.50
No Driver's License 1st Offense $237.50
No Driver's License 2nd Offense Arrest
Driving Left of Center $155.00
Crossing Median or U-Turn on Divided Highway $155.00
Driving on Sidewalk $155.00
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia $500.00
DUI 1st Offense $1,022.00& Arrest
DUI 2nd Offense $2,044.00 & Arrest
Felony DUI with Great Bodily Harm Prison 1 hr
Felony DUI Resulting in Death Prison 3 hrs
DUS for DUI 1st Offense $652.50 & Arrest
DUS for DUI 2nd Offense Prison 1 hr
DUS for DUI 3rd and Subsequent Offense Prison 2 hrs
DUS for Fixed Period 1st Offense $652.50
DUS for Fixed Period 2nd Offense $1,275.00
DUS for Fixed Period 3rd and Subsequent Offense $2,105.00
DUS for Property Taxes 1st Offense $133.75
DUS for Property Taxes 2nd Offense $155.00
DUS for Property Taxes 3rd and Subsequent Offense $573.75
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle $237.50
Failure to Yield (Left Turn) $155.00
Failure to Yield to Pedestrian $155.00
False Information to Police $250.00 & Arrest
Following Fire Apparatus or Ambulance $155.00
Following Too Closely $155.00
Gas Drive Off $1,092.50
Headlight Defective $155.00
Altered Headlight $155.00
Hit & Run Property Damage (Attended Vehicle) $237.50
Hitch Hiking $237.50
Improper Backing $155.00
Improper Lane Change / Passing $155.00
Improper Parking in Road $100.00
Passing in Intersection $155.00
Passing at Double-Yellow Line $155.00
Illegal Parking, Stopping, or Standing $155.00
Left on Red or Turning from Wrong Lane $155.00
Right on Red without Stop $155.00
Leaving Scene of Accident with Injuries Arrest
Hit & Run Property Damage (Unattended Vehicle) $237.50
No License Plate $155.00
Altered License Plate $237.50
Using License Plate from Another Vehicle $155.00
Taillights Out (Minimum One Working) $155.00
Littering >15 lbs to 500 lbs $1,092.50
Littering 1st Offense <15 lbs $470.00
Littering 2nd Offense <15 lbs $470.00
Littering 3rd and Subsequent Offense <15 lbs $1,092.50
Motorcycles More than Two Side-By-Side $155.00
No Proof of Insurance in Vehicle $155.00
Noise Violation $55.00
Obtaining Goods Under False Pretense <$1,000 $1,092.50
Open Container of Beer or Wine in Vehicle $262.50
Operating Uninsured Vehicle 1st Offense $355.00
Operating Uninsured Vehicle 2nd Offense $445.00
Operating Uninsured Vehicle 3rd and Subsequent Offense Arrest
Parking in Handicapped Zone $200.00
Parking of Unattended Vehicle (Keys in) $155.00
Pedestrian on Controlled Access Highway $150.00
Public Intoxication $180.00
Permitting Unauthorized Person to Drive $155.00
Prostitution Arrest
Racing on Public Road Arrest
Permitting or Assisting with Racing on Public Road $445.00
Receiving Stolen Goods <$1,000 $1,092.50
Reckless Driving $445.00
Registration Not in Possession $155.00
Improper Entering or Exiting of Controlled Access Highway $155.00
Passing Stopped Bus 1st Offense $1,092.50
Passing Stopped Bus 2nd Offense Arrest
Seat Belt Violation $25.00
Shoplifting <$1,000 $1,092.50
Simple Possession of Marijuana or Hash 1st Offense $570.00
Slow Moving Traffic Failure to Keep Right $155.00
Impeding Traffic $155.00
Speeding <=10 mph $81.50
Speeding 11-15 mph $133.00
Speeding 16-24 mph $185.00
Speeding 25 mph or More $355.00
Speeding in Work Zone $355.00
Receiving, Concealing, or Possessing Stolen Vehicle <$1,000 $1,092.50
Failure to Stop Before Sidewalk from Private Drive $155.00
Parking in No Parking Zone $155.00
Striking Fixtures on or Adjacent to Road $155.00
Defective Tires $155.00
Improper Towing $155.00
Failure to Use Safety Devices while Towing $155.00
Failure to Transfer Ownership of Vehicle $155.00
Trespassing with Entry $250.00
Trespassing on Property 1st Offense $250.00
Unsafe or Improperly Equipped Vehicle $155.00
Illegal Window Tinting $200.00

Thank you for your cooperation.

Chief Of Police, Kevin Joshen
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