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A COMPLETE Guide On How to Role Play

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A COMPLETE Guide On How to Role Play Empty A COMPLETE Guide On How to Role Play

Post by [Crazy]Mr.Joshen on Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:47 pm


I will start by saying that this is no newbie or good role-player guide… This is a hardcore perfectionist role-player to the bone guide.
Enjoy Razz

Warning!!!: Language mistakes included, dont read if you are an english teacher

Chapter One: Walking and Transportation

In the world of a true player any from of running is prohibited, the only way to move from place to place is by walking. I hope we all know how to walk so I will skip this part.
As we know from experience walking is not much of an effective way to move from one place to another therefore a true role-player will call a cab, instead of jacking the first car that he comes in contact with. If you have a car of course feel free to use it, but jacking cars should be only performed if you are under pressure and need to get somewhere really fast.

Chapter Two: In a Car.

When in the car it would be nice to show all the newbies around you how cool you are and add some RP regarding the way you use your car.


/me places his right hand on the steering wheel and the other one on the gear
/me changes the gear to reverse and pushes the gas pedal
/me changes the gear to one and pushes the gas pedal.
/me rides off with the screech of tiers

A nice thing to do, if you have free space, is to bind two directions right and left.


/me indicates turning left *the left light flashes*
/me indicates turning right *the right light flashes*

Also its worth practicing getting in and out of the car


/me opens the front door of the car
/me gets inside the car
/me closes the door


/me opens the car door
/me gets out of the car
/me closes the car door

Chapter Three: On a Party

Parties can be formal or less formal, this chapter will explain how to behave in a less formal party.
First of all you have to drink a lot, so your first steps should be aimed towards the bar
(keep in mind chapter one, no running). With all the courtesy in you ask the bartender to serve you
i.e. Oy you, come over here I wanna some booze.

When you receive your drink try to be as descriptive as you can


/me takes the drink from the counter
/me spins the ice cubes in the JD
/me takes a small sip from the glass
(or /me drinks the whole drink in one go )

Remember that the glass does not disappear when you drink its content, keep in mind that you hold the glass in your hand as long as you wont RP placing it somewhere.
Good news is that while dancing you dont have to use silly /mes like some people.
/me while dancing makes a back flip.
That kind of information is very unnecessary and really not many people put attention into it, they are more interested in the way you dance then in your /mes

On some parties, that usually involve some mafias or gangs, you can be invited to a game of dice. Try to use a variety of expressions and of course dont forget about your wallet and the money placement


/me reaches to his back pocket and takes out a black leather wallet
/me opens the wallet and takes out $100 bill
/me places the bill on the table and smiles
/me places his hands on his laps and observes the dice
/me grins when the dice falls on 6
/me reaches for the money and pulls them to his side of the table

Chapter Four: In a restaurant

For some people being in a restaurant is very uncomfortable but if you will have an occasion to go there this few tips should help you behave properly.
First thing is of course being able to discuss with the waiter fluently, mainly about the food, be prepared to answer some of the basic questions i.e. How did you find your meal or do you enjoy yourself. Be descriptive with the tastes and the consistency of your meal, dont just say It was good
While eating try to use a lot of verbs.


/me takes his fork and dips it in the spaghetti
/me rotates the fork few times and puts the pasta in his mouth
/me reaches for the glass of vine while chewing his food
(for drinking RP look Chapter Three)
/me places the fork on the empty plate and takes a napkin
/me cleans his mouth and hands with the napkin
/me leaves the dirty napkin next to the fork

Remember to leave a tip and of course do a proper RP while taking out your wallet with the money.
If you are a female character its good to show those biaczes how sexy you are and take out your makeup kit.


/do has a small purse hanging from her shoulder

/me unzips the purse and takes out a small tube
/me opens the tube and slides the lipstick out
/me places the lipstick on her lips and starts to paint them
/me slides the lipstick back inside and closes the tube
/me puts the tube back inside the purse
/me zips the purse

Chapter Five: Good ole Sprunk (The instruction manual of a sprunk machine)

Not many do this but if you want to be a real hardcore you need to try it at least once.

/me walks to the Sprunk machine
/me reaches into his pocket and takes a shiny coin
/me places the coin inside the machine
/me pushes the button labeled Sprunk;
/do The machine drops a can of Sprunk at its low end
/me bends over and reaches for the can of Sprunk
/me grabs the can of Sprunk and returns to upright position
/me opens the can and drinks its content

Chapter Six: On the beach

When on the beach dont forget to take off your clothes, you dont want to not get a nice tan, of course apply some sunbathing cream to prevent the burns. You can ask someone to put it on your back. Important thing is to not take out thing out of nowhere, if you have a house try to make an RP preparation for the trip, you can even make some sandwiches (get the joke? Sand - beach? Nvm)

Preparation Example:

/me opens the drawer and looks for his swimming suit
/me grabs the swimming suit and puts it inside the bag
/me grabs a towel from the bathroom cupboard and throws it inside the bag
/me opens the fridge and takes out some fresh tomatoes and a potato
(yes a tomato-potato sandwich)
/me places the ingredients on the kitchen table
/me closes the refrigerator
/me grabs the knife from one of the drawers
/me cuts the ingredients into thin slices
/me opens the cupboard and takes out a loaf of bread
/me cuts two slices of bread
/me reaches inside the refrigerator and takes out some butter
/me smears the butter all over the sandwich
/me places the tomato and potato slices on the slice of bread
/me closes the sandwich with another slice of bread
/me puts the sandwich inside the lunch box

Remember to put the knife and the bread (if any is left)back on its place.

After the arrival to the beach open the trunk and take all the things out


/me opens the trunk
/me reaches inside and takes out the dog
/me carries the dog
/me places the dog on the ground
/me buries the lower part of the dog in the sand
(it was a joke of course, the dog was and umbrella, for protection from the sun)=

There are many fun things you can do on the beach like swimming or making a sand castle, of course the first one doesnt need much RP skills so lets look at the second one which sounds a bit more difficult


/me sits on the sand
/me removes the dry sand with his hands
/me digs a hole and places the dugout sand near his left leg
/me forms the wet sand into castle walls
/me tries to make a tower
/me says to himself I'll save you princess
/do the sand tower collapses
/me cries like a baby

Chapter Seven Final: What to do when bored

If your mafia abandoned you and the PD has crossed you out from their wanted list a long time ago, or if you are just a normal civilian then dont cry, cheer up there is plenty more to RP.

Try doing something for yourself, i.e. painting or photography
(for the second one you dont need much RP skills)

Painting Example:

/me sits down on the wooden bench
/do has a small bag on his shoulder
/me unzips the bag and takes out a sketch note
/me places the sketch note on his lap
/me reaches for his chest pocket and takes out a pencil
/me starts to sketch the city hall
(if you are not comfortable with making it the long way that I will demonstrate you can do /me sketches the city hall [1of8]. And so forth )
/me sketches the main building
/me sketches the bushes in front of the City Hall
/me sketches the lamp posts
/me sketches the street
/me looks at sketch with a smile on his face
/me puts the sketch book back in the bag
/me zips the bag with one hand while the other is placing the pen back in the pocket
/me gets up from the bench

Photography Example:

/do has a camera hanging from his neck

/me reaches for the camera and holds it in his hands
/me uncovers the lens
/me tries to take a picture of a tree
/me pushes the big red button
/do the camera flash, flashes

if you are more into doing something for others become a hooker, joke, but it will be covered in an upcoming release.

If you found this fun or even useful please vote yes on the pole.
The number of votes will be counted and if this will be voted yes then I will make another guide into civilian and unconventional jobs.

And yeah if you are reading this it means that you reached the end… thanks for reading I really appreciate that

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A COMPLETE Guide On How to Role Play Empty Re: A COMPLETE Guide On How to Role Play

Post by [Crazy]Tazzed on Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:14 pm

Lol'd at the top. "If you're a English teacher, don't read this"
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