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Drivin 101

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Drivin 101 Empty Drivin 101

Post by [Crazy]Mr.Joshen on Wed Aug 25, 2010 8:37 pm

I found this RP driving guide, and I think you should read it and watch the videos.

Alright everyone, time for unveiling is upon us! I've completed the series of driver's ed videos, and I hope people actually watch them. I pulled an all-nighter to get 'em done!

Now, how to get the new clowns to watch them... Anyway, here they are! Youtube's In-Video link system is (Bad word) to hell, I can't get it to work, so, for the mean time... all that is available, is this list.

When the in-video link system is fixed, however, the "Introduction" video, will actually be the "Selection" video. On Youtube, it will actually have a DVD menu like function. It'll be pretty (Bad word) cool once the damn thing works...!

How to, and how NOT to drive in Trifecta Gaming
--Introduction Video
----What Side To Drive On
----What Side To Drive On Pt.2
----When and how to yield
----How to Park
----How to Pull Over Pt.1
----How to Pull Over Pt.2
----When a Cop is Behind You
----When a Cop is Behind You Pt.2 (Move Over)
----Approaching a Traffic Stop
----How to Avoid a Preventable Accident
------Avoiding Accidents: Pt.1
------Avoiding Accidents: Pt.2
------Reckless Driving
----Obstructing Traffic
----Trespassing in the Police Department Parking Garage
----Towing Vehicles
----How to Pass
----Not really DRIVING Related, but Nonetheless...
------Standing on/vandalizing Emergency/Government Vehicles [FIXED]
------Grand Theft Auto/Car Jacking
--Beta "Public Appeal" Video

Ideas for videos for the next update
--None: Please suggest one in this thread!

Things you should definitely NOT do!
Just a little joke video I made Razz

Also watch this video posted by QueeN in http://www.valhallagaming.net/forums/showthread.php?p=279445.

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