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San Andreas State Law (Read the speed limits and such)

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San Andreas State Law (Read the speed limits and such) Empty San Andreas State Law (Read the speed limits and such)

Post by [Crazy]Mr.Joshen on Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:35 pm

Crimes, Times and State Laws

Ever since San Andreas was turned into a state, a regulatory board was introduced to ensure all of its inhabitants were safe and were able to love a strucutred, normal life without fear of crime or retribution. The Summary of Offences Act was updated again in 1994 to become a modern law system for local authorities to enforce. The law seeks to make communities safer.

The 'Summary of Offences Act' is used as a general overview of the laws that reside in the state.

A speed limit of 55mph applies to all urban and city-style roads.
A speed limit of 65mph applies to all interstates.
All vehicles on state roads must be road worthy and not damaged, smoking or be operating dangerously.
The use of car modifications such as hydrollics and NOS is illegal in or on public areas. These systems may only be used for legal racing.

Tickets or citations are issued by Patrol Officers for infringements of state law. These are fines 'on the spot' and must be paid in full to the Officer at the time. Failure to do so can lead to arrest. These crimes are also based on an individual occurrence - multiple instances may also lead to an arrest. The severity of the infringement is also taken into account.

Indecent Exposure:$50.00
Exposure of body parts in public (ie: breast, buttocks, etc..)
Lude Gesture:$50.00
Use of indecent gesture (ie: middle finger, spitting, etc..)
Verbal Assault:$50.00
Use of indecent words (ie: cuss words or racial remarks)
Loitering on Government Property:$100.00 (See Traffic Sheet if involving a vehicle)
Idle on Government Property
Illegal Parking: See Traffic Sheet
Parking illegally (e.g.: middle of the street)
Illegal Parking on Government Property: See Traffic Sheet
Parking illegally on Government Property (ie: city hall steps)
Illegal Parking at the Bank: See Traffic Sheet
Parking illegally at bank (ie: bank steps & bank side-walk)
Use of Hydraulics on a public road: See Traffic Sheet
Use of pistons to move car illegally
Impoundment of Vehicle
May Suspend License
Driving on a public road with a damaged head/tail light: See Traffic Sheet
Driving with a broken tail light or head light
If seen again without it fixed, suspension of license

Reckless Driving: See Traffic Sheet
Driving recklessly in a vehicle (ie: hitting light poles & driving in wrong lane)
May Suspend License
Speeding: See Traffic Sheet
Going over given speed limits.
Suspension of your license (If also reckless or over by 15mph)
Reckless Endangerment:$400.00
Putting Los Santos citizens in danger (vehicle)
Suspension of your license
Illegal use of Nitros Oxide:$400.00
Use of Nitros Oxide (NOS)
Car impounded
Suspension of your license
Trespassing on Private Property: See Traffic Sheet
Trespassing on property that is owned by someone without permission.
Refusing to leave after being asked to do so on property or public property not of your own.
Trespassing by entering onto a Ship by not being a member of crew or authorised by the Captain of the vessel.
False 911 Call:$400.00
Giving false information via 911
Reporting false or nonsense crimes

Felony Offences are offences of a serious nature which generally involves abuse or interference with other persons or property. You are likely to be arrested and convicted to a jail term for these offences. Officers may also impose a fine for these cases. A conviction will be stored on the database.

Vandalism:1 Wanted Level
Wilful damage, Tagging, Defacing any property or object.
Possession of illegal narcotics: 1 Wanted Level
Possession of any illegal narcotics or carrying more than doctors allow you to carry (Medicinal Drugs) up to 500grams.
Illegal possession of a firearm: 1 Wanted Level
Possession of a legal firearm without a weapons license (ie: deagle, country rifle, and shotgun)
Street Racing: See Traffic Sheet
Racing on government property/Non race tracks
Driving without a License: See Traffic Sheet
Driving a vehicle with a drivers license
Vehicle Impounded
Driving with a Conditioned License: See Traffic Sheet
Driving a vehicle with a suspended or cancelled license
Trespassing on Government Property: See Traffic Sheet
Trespassing on any government property
Failure to comply will result in being shot.
Assault: 1 Wanted Level
Issuing a threat with the means to carry it out
Physically touching another person in a violent or intimidating manner
Assault with a Deadly Weapon: 1 Wanted Level
Causing injury with a weapon, or vehicle
Removal of Weapons/Drivers License
Robbery/Attempted Robbery: 1 Wanted Level
Seizing or attempted to seize property through violence or intimidation
Extortion: 1 Wanted Level
Acquiring money, property, or services by use of intimidation or other acts.
Forgery: 1 Wanted Level
Copying objects or documents with the intent to deceive
Obstruction of Justice: 1 Wanted Level
Interfering with a government official(s)
Verbally abusing or obstructing easy access to government officials business
Bribery: 1 Wanted Level
Offering services of any item in the return of influence or actions of a government official
Perjury: 1 Wanted Level
Lying or making false statements in a court of law
Conspiracy: 1 Wanted Level
An accusation backed up with proof that a suspect may commit a crime without their intent to do so
Accessory: 1 Wanted Level
Assisting in the commission of a crime, but not actually partaking in the unlawful activity
Aiding and Abetting: 1 Wanted Level
Participating in the commission of a crime
Grand Theft Auto: 1 Wanted Level (Also See Traffic Sheet)
Taking a vehicle from a person without consent from the owner
Removal of Drivers License
Evading: See Traffic Sheet
Leaving, running, or escaping someway in the attempt to elude an officer
Suspension of Drivers License
Long evasion or reckless evasion may lead to 'Felony Evasion'
Prostitution: See Traffic Sheet
Exchanging sexual acts for valuables or common currency
Failure to Comply: 1 Wanted Level
Not complying or listening to a government official
Brandishing a Firearm: 1 Wanted Level
Displaying a firearm in public
Removal of Weapons License
Failure to pay a given fine: 1 Wanted Level
Refusal to pay fine/ticket
Disturbing the Peace: 1 Wanted Level
The act of disturbing an area with noise or destruction
Performing lude acts
Being a general disturbance to a particular area
Possession of illegal materials: 1 Wanted Level
Possession of any illegal weapon materials of up to 500 units.

Severe Felony Offences are of a very serious nature and often are the result of severe injury or damage of deliberate means. You will be convicted and incarcerated in the State Penitentiary ((Maximum time – 25hrs)).

First or Second Degree Murder of a LEO: Three Hours (Per Cop)
Killing Law Enforcement Officer(s)
Attempted Murder of a LEO: Two Hours (Per Cop)
Attempting to kill a Law Enforcement Officer(s)
Kidnapping a LEO: Two Hours (Per Cop)
Capturing or detaining a LEO(s).
First Degree Murder: Two Hours (Per Murder)
Premeditated murder. ((LEOs must see the murder take place.))
Attempted Murder: One Hour (Per Attempt)
Attempted Murder on a Civilian(s)
Kidnapping: Two Hours (Per Person)
Capturing or Detaining a Civilian(s) against their will.
Possession of an Automatic Weapon: One Hour
Possessing any automatic firing weapons
Conspiracy to Commit Murder: One Hour
The act of planning a murder
Felony Evasion: One Hour (Also See Traffic Sheet)
Evading police by committing reckless driving or reckless endangerment and either causing an accident, assaulting police or putting others lives in danger.
Large Possession of Illegal items: Two Hours
Being found in possession of large quantities of narcotics or materials ((500+)).
Armed Robbery/Attempted Armed Robbery: One Hour
Seizing property through violence with a weapon
Robbing a store or business premise
Removal of Weapons License
Possession of an illegal firearm: One Hour
Possession of an illegal firearm (ie: Knives, Silenced weapons or those not covered under the license.)
Removal of Weapons License
Hit and Run: See Traffic Sheet
Colliding with someone, their vehicle; then leaving the scene without consulting that person
Possible cancellation of Drivers License
Drugs Trafficking: Two Hours
Selling illegal narcotics
Driving Under the Influence (DUI): See Traffic Sheet
Driving Under the Influence of alcohol, drugs or other substance
Possible cancellation of Drivers License
Arms Trafficking: See Traffic Sheet
Selling illegal weapons
Confiscation of weapons license
Illegal Purchase of Weapons: See Traffic Sheet
Purchasing a weapon that is illegal
Purchasing a weapon that is legal but from illegal means
Removal of Weapon License
Illegal Purchase of Narcotics: See Traffic Sheet
Purchasing illegal narcotics
Refusing to identify yourself: Two Hours (As used here: detained until your identity is confirmed. Note that any additional charges will still be counted)
Refusing to provide ID or to provide your true name when requested by a LEO.
Impersonating a Government Official: One Hour
Impersonating directly or indirectly a government official, or
Creating the false presence of an official, or
Wearing a mask.

[Crimes Act] Police Powers and your Rights
Your responsibilities
- If you are asked to stop by a police officer, you must do so.
- You must provide identification or your real name, DOB and address if asked by an officer.

Your rights
- If police ask you to go with them you do not have to unless you agree or are arrested.
- Police cannot search you or your vehicle without your consent or probable cause or placing you under arrest.
- After providing your ID, you may refuse to answer officers questions. If arrested, you will be questioned and should co-operate but may refuse to answer questions.

Police Officers Right to Act
- A Police Officers badge is his right to act, enforce law and carry with the right to use a firearm.
- "Assault on an officer" is defined as attacking an officer with bare hands and feet.
- Officers are authorised to use Force level 4 (draw a firearm) when their life or others may be in danger and is defined as actively assaulting an officer or other person or threatening to do so.
- Officers are authorised to use Force level 5 (deadly force) when their life or others may be in danger and is defined as actively attempting to hinder their free movement (tackle, knock-out), actively shooting or attempting to escape after a felony offence.

[LAW1] Violent Crime Reduction Act 94 [03-26-94] [Amendment 09-03-94]
Concealed firearms and knives are on the rise in San Andreas. In the eyes of the law, it's down to you to show that the weapon in question wasn't made or adapted to cause injury. Claiming that you're carrying a weapon in public for someone else is no excuse.

Sections of the act
Section (1).

Should you be arrested, and found guilty of carrying an offensive
weapon in public, you could face a fine, imprisonment, or both;

Section (2).

Carrying a knife could make you liable to a fine of up to $1,000, or a maximum of two years imprisonment. If it's used to injure or threaten someone the penalties are more severe;

Section (3).

If you're found guilty of grievous bodily harm you could face imprisonment;

Section (4).

If you're found guilty of manslaughter, attempted murder or murder, your punishment could also be imprisonment.

Legal Exceptions for Knives or Fire-Arms:
1). As a public servant of the law.

2). Distribution of a physical action such as construction or working at the local pay 'n' spray district in Vinewood.

3). Self defence (under the circumstance that it's registered and you are licensed under it. Does not include knives or illegal weapons.).

[LAW2] Los Santos' Gang Congregation Ordinance ACT 94 [03-01-94]
This "gang loitering" ordinance enables a police officer to order a group of two or more people to disperse from a public place if the police officer believes that one of these people is/was a criminal street gang member. Any persons who disobey such orders could have their persons and vehicle searched, jailed for up to six months and fined up to $500.

Sections of the act:

(Section A) Whenever a police officer observes a person whom he reasonably believes to be a criminal street gang member loitering in any public place with one or more other persons, he shall order all such persons to disperse and remove themselves from the area. Any person who does not promptly obey such an order is in violation of this section.

(Section A1) Reasons to believe include clothing, associates and past criminal history.

(Section B) It shall be an affirmative defence to an alleged violation of this section that no person who was observed loitering was in fact a member of a criminal street gang.

(Section C) As used in this section:

(1) “Loiter” means to remain in any one place with no apparent purpose.
(2) “Criminal street gang” means any ongoing organisation, association in fact or group of three or more persons, whether formal or informal, having as one of its substantial activities the commission of one or more of the criminal acts enumerated in paragraph (3), and whose members individually or collectively engage in or have engaged in a pattern of criminal gang activity.
(3) “Criminal gang activity” means the commission, attempted commission, or solicitation of the following offenses, provided that the offenses are committed by two or more persons, or by an individual at the direction of, or in association with, any criminal street gang, with the specific intent to promote, further or assist in any criminal conduct by gang members:
(4) “Pattern of criminal gang activity” means two or more acts of criminal gang activity of which at least two such acts were committed within five years of each other and at least one such act occurred after the effective date of this section.
(5) “Public place” means the public way and any other location open to the public, whether publicly or privately owned.
(d) Any person who violates this section is subject to a fine of not less than $100.00 and not more than $500.00 for each offense, or imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.

[LAW3] Special Tactic Powers of the Mayors Office ACT 94 [08-05-94]
This act, signed and passed by the Mayor's Office, allows for the formation of a Special Tactics Group as a branch of the Police Departments Special Tactics teams as a direct respondent to the Mayor's office. To this effect: "The STG provides a 'tactical capability' ie; the management and resolution of a situation. They also provide specialist assistance in performing tasks which are beyond the scope of operational police, and provide protection to high risk persons and VIPs. STG agents also collect information about criminal activities."

This act is passed by recognition of mayoral license and pardon as signed by the Governor as per the following mandate: I, the Mayor of San Andreas, hereby consent SAPD Command to appoint under a commander three Officers who are to be the final response in the cities protection for counter-terrorism and national security. Through this role as the 'Special Tactics Group', I hereby consent tactics as required to confirm and keep true the security of this state. To this end, this contract of acceptance is also a license and pardon for the members of the STG in any and all of their situation and engagements persistent to National Security.

[LAW4] Three Strike ACT 94 [20-05-94] [Amendment 09-03-94]
In an effort to maintain public safety and ensure repeat offenders are sentenced to justice, the three strike system has been implemented. The "Detective Bureau" (any arm of Law Enforcement of the San Andreas Police Department responsible for investigation); now have the right to issue strikes to known and repeat criminals with the intent to seek life imprisonment ((CK)).

The specific act in relation to this is clause 1 and 2:

(C1) The following requirements need to be followed for the 3 Strike Rule:
Beyond reasonable doubt 'Core of Evidence'.
Issued, maintained and overseen by the leadership of the SAPD "Detective Bureau".
Must be Felony Crimes ONLY (e.g. Murder of LEO's, First Degree Murder) ((Prisonable offenses)).
Detectives can remove Strikes, if Suspect Cooperates.
Detectives can add the Strike Back if it was removed at first, and suspect failed to cooperate.
(C1.2) Should an offender gain three strikes, which will be collated in a central database, the offender can be sentenced to life imprisonment ((SAPD CK)).

(C2) The following are the punishments allocated per strike:
Strike 1 - 10 years
Strike 2 - 20 years, possible seizure of licenses or assets
Strike 3 - 25 to life with possible death penalty ((25hrs with possible Ck))
[LAW5] Facial Recognition and Identity ACT 94 [24-06-94] [Amendment 09-03-94]
In an effort to maintain public safety and ensure criminals cannot conceal their identities, this bill has been introduced. If you are a citizen of San Andreas and you are wearing an object that conceals your face - you will be detained and questioned by the police. This means that Police Officers will have probable cause to stop, search, and take any offending items. Furthermore, you may be arrested by the Officer's discretion if you violate this law.

If you fail to identify yourself, impersonate a government official or attempt to provide fake identification you could be sentenced to fines of $500, a jail term or be incarcerated for 25 to life.
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