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Format for Player Complaints

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Format for Player Complaints Empty Format for Player Complaints

Post by [Crazy]Tazzed on Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:27 pm

Everybody that wants to complain a player MUST do it in this Format:

Name of Player that should be punished :
Reason the Player should be punished :
Proof that the Player did something wrong :

You MUST have proof (Pictures OR Videos) in order for the Player to be punished. If you do not have proof, they will not be punished.
Also, to make it easier for us admins, type in full words and try your best to make sense.

If you are being complained and you aren't banned, you can dispute the complaint on the same topic. Here's the format for doing so-

Proof I wasn't doing anything wrong (This should be explained briefly with text AND video/image.) :
Additional Words :
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